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5 Ways to Make A Room Look Bigger

When you are trying to decide how to make a small room look bigger in your home, consider the following:







Light and dark colors, creating contrast, can give a room depth. When you look at how to make a small room look bigger with paint, keep in mind that medium shades will make your space appear smaller than it is. Using dark and bright white colors that open up a room, in contrast, creates the illusion of a much larger area.

There are also some paint techniques that can change the appearance of your space.


If you put your furniture up against the walls, it will make the room appear smaller. By leaving some air between the walls and your furniture, you create a feeling of roominess.

It is also good to avoid large, heavy pieces of furniture. Not only do they use up too much space in a small room, but they also draw all the focus to that part of the room. If you have tall pieces of furniture, place those against the wall to avoid breaking up the room.


Floor-to-ceiling drapery will provide an instant height boost to any room. If you do want drapes, consider breezy, lightweight fabrics, which provide an airy touch.


Natural light is the best way to make a room look bigger. Remove the blinds and allow light to flow into your space. If possible, add some skylights to the room so that light can stream in from above.

When working with artificial lighting, place a few lamps around the room rather than one light overhead. Multiple light sources help expand the feel of the room and create ambient and even lighting.


Mirrors are an excellent way to make a room look bigger as they help reflect and bounce light from the windows. Another benefit of hanging a mirror on the wall is that it reflects the view and tricks the eye into the perception of increased space.

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