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Your February To Do List

While temps here in Utah continue to be cold, cold, cold, we thought it would be good to throw out a few home maintenance items to keep your home organized. Houzz recently shared a list of items to help maintain your home during the winter months.

  1. Rotate your mattress. The next time you wash your sheets, take an extra minute and rotate your mattress. Rotating your mattress every few months will help it wear more evenly and extend its life span.

  2. Pack up a bag of old sheets and towels to donate. If you bought new sheets or towels during Christmas or for the New Year, make some room by letting go of an old set or two. Homeless shelters and some churches will accept donations of bedding and towels in good condition and even animal shelters are often in need of towels.

  3. Clean entryway floors. Road salt and melting snow can mean entryway floors take a beating. Pick up the clutter and give the floors a good mopping. To keep floors looking their best between cleaning, stash a few old towels in a basket near the door to wipe up messes.

  4. Keep sidewalks and entryways free of ice and snow. This year's snowfall has kept us all busy shoveling snow more than we would like. Ice and snow can make walkways dangerous for visitors. Aim to shovel snow promptly, and sprinkle ice melt or gravel to provide traction. Frequent light shoveling is better than letting the snow build up.

  5. Organize bookshelves. Pull out volumes that you didn't enjoy or are finished with and sell or donate them, leaving a bit of extra room on each shelf for new titles. And if you get distracted by beloved old books you had forgotten about, just roll with it. After all, there are few better places to spend a winter afternoon that in a comfortable chair with a good book.

  6. Indulge in weekly fresh flowers. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the markets will be filled with fresh flowers at good prices. Treat your home to a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms once a week to add a little cheer - spring may still be a ways off, but that doesn't mean your dining table can't look like a garden in bloom!

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